Organizations are encouraged to set up literature tables at the Peoples Climate Movement Bay Area site on April 29th. We encourage interactive, festive hands-on projects for people to become involved; but story boards and literature are fine. 

This event is devoted to environmental and other social justice causes as reflected in the Peoples Climate Movement-Bay Area points of unity. Canopy and table occupants must adhere to and support the mission and spirit of the event. Items displayed or distributed must be consistent with the theme of Peoples Climate Movement-Bay Area.

Reserving a space for your table

  • The fee for tabling space for nonprofits is $25 for a 4x4 ft. table, $50 for a 4x8 ft. table, $100 for a 10x10 ft. canopy. (you must bring your own table/canopy)  Sponsor and Partner organizations who have already donated can count their donation toward this fee (i.e., if your organization has already donated $50, your 4x8' table space is already paid in full; if you have donated $100 your 10x10' canopy is paid in full).  Note: Table prices for Commercial businesses:  table fee:  $250; additional for 10x10' canopy--$100

On the day of the festival/rally (April 29)

  • Bring your own table and canopy to Lake Merritt amphitheater. Set-up begins at 9 am.
  • When you arrive, please find our Event Volunteers/Info tent/canopy, and check in with the table coordinator.
  • The table coordinator will give you a map showing the area where you can set up your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time can we set up our table?  9 am;  Program begins at 11:00 am - (approx) 4:00 pm

Q: Is there an agenda for the day (speeches, music, other orgs tabling?)

We will post agenda information for the day on this website by mid-April

Q: Where do we unload (drop-off) our table and materials?

The unloading area is at the south side of the plaza on Lake Merritt Blvd. We plan to have a few volunteers to help watch your stuff as you unload.

Q: Where do we pick up our table and materials after the event?

Same location as drop-off. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their own table/booth area. Find a site clean-up volunteer to help watch your stuff at the loading area while you go to get your car. The loading area is small and many people will be using it, so plan to get your stuff to the curb before you go to get your car, and to yield the space to others as quickly as possible.

Q: How else can our organization help?

Please ask your group to send volunteers on Saturday, April 29th to help us with this huge event. (We know you will need volunteers to mind your organization's table, but if you have capacity we can really use more help! Please sign-up on our site's Volunteer page.)


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