BART and MUNI Flyering

Teams of volunteers will flyer at BART and MUNI stations where we have purchased billboards advertising the Nov 21st NCCM march and rally. Six key workday dates are being targeted to insure that at least two people are scheduled to flyer each BART and MUNI location at both morning and evening rush hours.

To volunteer, call Jean Tepperman, 510-610-2888, or email her at jeantepper - at - gmail - dot -com. Please provide the information listed below in your email:

  1. Name, email, phone   
  2. Transit location preference. Locations where billboards are posted are:
    • East Bay- Richmond, MacArthur, Berkeley, Ashby, and Rockridge BART stations
    • San Francisco - Castro MUNI station.
    • (If you prefer a different location to pass out flyers, let us know what it is and we will try to get flyers to you.)
  3. Dates/days you are available:
    • Wed Nov 11th
    • Thu Nov 12th
    • Fri Nov 13th
    • Mon Nov 16th
    • Tue Nov 17th
    • Wed Nov 18th
  4. AM or PM rush hour.
    • AM rush hour is roughly 6-9 am
    • PM rush hour is roughly 4-7 pm
    • (You can sign up for any amount of time within those time slots. Everything helps!)

Alternatively, sign up on NCCM's Volunteer Page -- check "BART Blitz" and we'll contact you with a signup form.